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Welcome to Kewljets!

  We fly instead of taking a train, drive, or ride a bus simply because its quicker. And for a businessman who’s time is gold, prop flying just isn’t enough. He needs to get there, not fast, but faster.

Before the first Ford model T, cars were seen as a luxury only the ultra rich and their companies could afford. Okay, you got me. Jets are still expensive, but they’re getting cheaper everyday. With the advent of affordable private jets like the Eclipse 400 we enter into a new age of air travel.

  KewlJets is an essential resource for enthusiasts, and business or leisure travelers who require instant access to the latest information on business jets, Jet sales, jet charter, jet card, and fractional ownership services. It is a definitive listing of light jets, midsize jets, heavy jets, supersonic jets, and aircraft manufacturers either in the market today or yet to be. Explore our site,checkout our collection of aircraft photos, learn about specific planes and their manufacturers. Know what private jets are for hire by going to our Private Jet Charter area.

Eclipse 400 - Affordable business jet

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Alternative Jet Fuel, Where Is It At Today?
   Since the first global fuel crisis of the 1970’s, companies, governments, and private persons have been searching for an alternative to the fossil fuels that we now use. After oil prices stabilized in the 80’s most people except environmental groups turned away from them, opting to use instead good ‘ol smoke belchin’ fossil fuel... >>read entire article<<
Private Jets
   Corporate jet aircraft sales have grown significantly since the early 1990s; from around $3.0 B in 1990 to over $12 B in 2001. Although the market experienced a down turn from 2002 to 2004, it still had over $7.0 B in annual sales. The private jet charter industry enjoyed tremendous growth since 2000 in the wake of the 9-11. Aircraft sales have also benefited from new Fractional Jet Ownership programs. Prepaid Jet Card programs have also fueled the private jet charter market.

  Some experts are predicting that in the next five years the market will experience a tremendous growth in sales. This growth will be due in a large part to the introduction of Very Light Jets (VLJ).

Very Light Jets
Very Light Jets
  The latest and perhaps the most significant development in the business jet and private jet industry is the Very Light Jet Aircraft. In the 1990s, NASA sought to reduce the strain on our major airports by making use of 5,000 under utilized local airports and spurring the development of cost effective aircraft that could use these. In 2000, NASA and the FAA partnered to develop the Small Aircraft Transportation System (SATS) to provide the air traffic and safety technologies necessary to increase public travel access to these 5,000 airports.

  In September of 2006 the Citation Mustang and the Eclipse 500 were the first Very Light Jets to be certified by the FAA. These aircraft provide an affordable and cost effective corporate jet that not only provides unique aircraft sales opportunities but also opens the door to a new business model in the air transportation market--the Air Taxi.
Jet Cards
  Tired of all the lines, security checks and the lack of privacy but can't afford to buy your own jet or pay for fractional ownership? Annoyed that you never seem to get a flight when you need one?  Loosing opportunities because you aren't there when you need to be? Fly often enough? Try a Jet Card.

Taxis with wings
Air Taxis
  In air travel, there is a new business model looming in the horizon, pun intended.  It provides travelers with the comfort of a  private jet and the convenience of an on-demand taxi service. Air taxis are just that, taxis with wings. They’re beginning to service some of the 5,000 unutilized, easy access local airports in the U.S.
  There are two major Air Taxi companies that have began their services upon receiving delivery of the first VLJs that hit the market, DayJet and Pogo. They use the Eclipse 500 and Adam A700.

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