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Jet Trips

The private jet experience provides many opportunities for memorable travel adventures that combine unique travel itineraries that include luxurious travel accommodations with the unique access and freedom of private air travel. We will explore the various types of leisure travel options that are currently available via private jet tours from establish tour operations such as Abercrombie & Fitch, TCS Expeditions, Intrav, and Starquest Expeditions just to name a few.

These jet tours typically utilize Boeing 757, Boeing 737, Airbus 319 and Airbus 320 aircraft that are specifically designed for 24 up to 48 passengers in first or business class type seating. You are accompanied on the tour by tour concierges, a flight crew of pilots and flight attendants, first class onboard food and beverages, luxury accommodations, and fine cuisine.

Some of the private jet tours that really stand out to us are:

Nine Wonders of the World – Spring 2007
  • Boeing 757 private jet especially equipped for just 48 passengers
  • All business class seating with onboard lounge
  • Tour staff to handle every travel need
  • 23 day tour that starts in Miami and ends in New York
  • $69,875 per person
  • Destinations:

    • Guatemala: Tikal Mayan Ruins
    • Easter Island: Moai
    • Australia: Sydney Opera House
    • Cambodia: Angkor Wat
    • Myanmar: Yangon Shwedagon Pagoda
    • India: Rajasthan Jodhpur and Agra Taj Mahal
    • Dubai
    • Jordan: Petra, Wadi Rum
    • Egypt: Cairo Pyramids & Sphinx
      Around-the-World - Fall 2007
  • Boeing 757 private jet
  • Tour staff to handle every travel need
  • A physician on the tour
  • $52,950 pre person
  • Destinations:

    • Kyoto & Nara, Japan
    • Da Nang, Hoi An & Hue, Vietnam
    • Jodhpur, India
    • Esfahan, Iran
    • Cairo & the Great Pyramids, Egypt
    • Fez, Morocco
    • Voodoo Culture in Togo & Medieval Villages of Benin
    • Salvador, Brazil
    • Galápagos Islands, Ecuador 

      Vanishing Cultures by Private Jet – Fall 2007
  • An Epic Journey to Peoples and Cultures of the Past
  • Boeing 757 private jet
  • Tour staff to handle every travel need
  • A physician on the tour
  • $44,950 per person
  • Destinations:

    • Finnish Lapland's Sami People
    • Armenia's Old World Christian Heritage
    • Mongolia's Majestic Steppe & Celebrated Nomads
    • China's Naxi People of Yunnan
    • Australia's Aboriginal Homeland & Ancient Rock Art
    • Papua New Guinea's Melpa & Nebilyer Tribes
    • Sepik River People & Huli Wigmen
    • Cambodia's Angkor Wat & Other Treasures
    • Bhutan, the Himalayan Kingdom
    • Ethiopia's Rock-Hewn Churches & Traditions
    • Mali's Dogon People, Tuareg Nomads & Timbuktu
   Antarctica Flyover
  • An Australian tour operator charters with Qantas Airlines to provide flyover tours of Antarctica
  • Boeing 747-400 aircraft
  • Unique views of Antarctica
  • Trips take less than one day
  • New Years Eve 2006 trip
  • Prices range from $5,199 down to $899 depending upon view and class level

These are just a few examples of the many private jet tours that are offered by a handful of luxury tour operators. The same tour operators also provide custom travel services that allow you to develop your own itinerary and type of air travel that suits your requirements. Stay tuned to as we will continue to provide the latest information on private jet tours.

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