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QSST Quiet Supersonic Transport

Supersonic Aerospace International


QSST integrates state-of-the-art technologies to revolutionize business, commercial and passenger air transport.   Lockheed Martin’s ’Skunk Works®’ designed QSST.   QSST is the only jet that incorporates patented breakthrough aerodynamic innovations to make it possible to fly supersonic over populated continental areas.   QSST’s design is feasible and should receive timely certification approval from U.S. and international aviation authorities.

Lockheed Martin comprises the best aircraft design team in the world, with 50+ years of experience in aircraft design and production, specifically supersonic aircraft.   SAI’s design is grounded in Lockheed Martin’s unquestioned abilities in systems engineering and institutional aviation design.   QSST draws on the legendary history and unequaled record of accomplishment of Lockheed Martin’s ’Skunk Works’, Jetstar, one of the first business jets developed, was designed by ’Skunk Works’ and is still in use today.   ’Skunk Works’ has also designed such legendary aircraft as the SR-71 "Blackbird," and breakthrough aircraft as the F-117 Stealth Fighter, the F/A-22 Raptor and the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

QSST utilizes innovative aerodynamic shaping and employs a patented, inverted "V-tail" - all instrumental in the radical reduction of QSST’s sonic sound level. Only QSST will fly at twice the speed of current business jets with a barely noticeable sonic signature - less than 1/100th that of the Concorde.

QSST will be in full compliance with present and future sound and emission rules. QSST was designed with full recognition and understanding of the many programmatic and technical complexities that affect supersonic aircraft. QSST’s engine will further enhance its superior design. The engine will be selected from one of the top three international engine manufacturers - General Electric, Pratt & Whitney, or Rolls-Royce.

These three companies have proposed engine design concepts for QSST that will be state-of-the-art and designed to meet/exceed the latest emission standards. Each design concept employs a variety of techniques to suppress takeoff and landing sounds while operating at supersonic speeds with maximum combustion efficiency to minimize emissions.

   Click on a thumbnail from the image gallery below to view the pictures:
Supersonic Aerospace International SAI SAI SAI SAI
Engine Type: TBA – General Electric, Pratt & Whitney, or Rolls-Royce
Number of Engines: 0
Max Takeoff Distance:
Max Landing Distance:
Cabin Volume: N/A
Cabin Height: N/A
Cabin Width: N/A
Cabin Length: N/A
Baggage Volume: NULL
Lavatory: NULL
External Length: 132.3 ft
External Height: 21.3 ft
External Wing Span: 63.0 ft
External Wing Span: 63.0 ft
Payload Max Takeoff: N/A
Payload Max Landing: N/A
Payload Max Operating: N/A
Jet Type: Supersonic Business Jets
Manufacturer: SAI
Partner: Lockheed Martin’s Skunk works
Cost: $80 Million
Max Cruise Speed: 1334 MPH
Maximum Mach Operation: M 1.8
Max Pax: 12
Max Range: N/A
Max Altitude: N/A
Certification: N/A
Base Aircraft:
Current Order: 0
Available: 2012

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