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Sino Swearingen

Sino Swearingen

According to the company, “Sino Swearingen Aircraft Corporation manufactures the all new SJ30-2 light business jets. Sino Swearingen Aircraft Corporation's charter is to become the world's leading aircraft producer by creating a family of cost-efficient, high- performance, high-quality, superior-technology business jet aircraft for the corporate, government and military sectors of world aviation.

The SJ30-2 has a unique blend of speed and range capability that is unmatched in the light jets class of business jet aircraft. Sino Swearingen Aircraft Company, a partnership between Swearingen Aircraft Company of San Antonio, Texas and Sino Aerospace Investment Corporation of Taiwan, was established in 1995 and incorporated in 1997. Its successor, Sino Swearingen Aircraft Corporation, is the first all new company to develop, build, certify, and deliver a new design business jet since 1963.

Sino Swearingen Aircraft builds the SJ30-2 Twin Engine Light business Jet, is a six-passenger, aircraft with a top speed of some 560 mph and a range of about 2,875 miles. The SJ30-2 was certified by the FAA in 2005, and deliveries are should begin in 2007. Major components of thislight jet are made in Martinsburg, West Virginia; assembly takes place in San Antonio. Sino Swearingen Aircraft also maintains a marketing facility at the Orange County Airport in Southern California. The company was founded in 1999 by Swearingen Aircraft of San Antonio and Sino Aerospace Investment of Taiwan; backers include the Taiwanese government.

Sino Swearingen Aircraft hopes the speed and the range of SJ30-2 will prove to be selling points against models made by well-established competitors such as Cessna and Raytheon. The company had booked about 300 orders for the plane by the time FAA certification was announced in October 2005.

Sino Swearingen currently employs more than 400 people at its facilities in San Antonio, Texas and Martinsburg, West Virginia. The company is headquartered at the San Antonio International Airport (KSAT) in San Antonio, Texas. The headquarters building has over 220,000 sq. ft of hangar and office space and is home to the engineering, executive, marketing & sales, final assembly/production line, quality assurance, flight test, and finance departments.”

Sino Swearingen Aircraft Corporation
1770 Skyplace Blvd.
San Antonio, TX 78216
Phone: 210-258-3900
Fax:     210-258-8635
Private Company
Founded: 1999
Current Orders: over 300

   Sino Swearingen Aircraft
Light Jets

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